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Contact:  Kathy Sanchez

JA Academy breaks free from the traditional classroom to bring real world connectivity into the everyday academic experience. Designed as a fully-immersive school-within-a-school, JA Academy brings real world connectivity to create a highly engaging and relevant learning environment. It is integrated learning through dynamic real-life case studies, collaborating with mentors, and going into industries to gain exposure and build the skills needed to more fully prepare today's students for the demands of tomorrow's economy.

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at Norcross High School.

Junior Achievement

Name Title E-mail
Ashley, Eric JA Senior Associate
Cafarella, Anthony Social Studies JA Teacher
Friday, Christina Language Arts JA Teacher
Gorgans, Matthew Language Arts JA Teacher
Hartley, Scott Social Studies JA Teacher
Kozak, Kristen Math JA Teacher
Luong, Diane Science JA Teacher
Moody, Chris CTE JA Teacher
O'Neill, Amanda JA Program Director
Stewart, Kelly Math JA Teacher
Stewart-Smith, Kathryn Science JA Teacher
Warren, Nga CTE JA Teacher
Weiser, Angela CTE JA Teacher
Williams, Lesleye CTE JA Teacher