The Mathematics Department offers courses from the college prepatory level to the Advanced Placement and International Baccalaureate levels. Students gain skills in real world application as well as higher level mathematic skills to prepare them for further study at the collegiate level. We expect students to solve problems by numerical, graphical and algebraic methods. All courses use the TI graphing calculators. Although we have some graphing calculators in the classroom, students are encouraged to get their own so they have them at home for homework. Students (especially those studying geometry) also enjoy the benefits of the math computer lab.


Name Title E-mail
Ault, Tammy Math Teacher
Belfrom, Philip Math Teacher
Bentley, Jason Math Special Education Teacher
Bryan, Mark Math ESOL Teacher
Bush, Brittany Math Teacher
Byrd, Heidi Math Special Education Teacher
Choi, Youree Math ESOL Teacher
Dawson, Paige Math Teacher
Duncan, Eugenia Math Special Education Teacher
Ermers, Ryan Math Teacher
Frisbee, Elizabeth Math Department Chair
Giles, Alycia Math Teacher
Gold, Jennifer Math Special Education Teacher
Grant, Arlene Math Teacher
Herron, Heath Math Teacher
Hughes, Danielle Math Teacher
Jackson, Marcus Math Teacher
Jean, Roselande Math Special Education Teacher
Jones, Carolyn Math Special Education Teacher
Kozak, Kristen Math JA Teacher
Kucera, Andrew Math Teacher
Landrum, Julie Math Special Education Teacher
Larate, Michelle Math Teacher
Lindsay, Carisa Math Teacher
Maloof, Tyler Math Teacher
McGowan, Crista Math Teacher
Mercier, Emily Math Teacher
Miles, Roschelle Math Teacher
Miller, Sarah Math Teacher
Mills, Sarah Math Teacher
Mobley, Derek Math Teacher
Nelson, Minerva Math ESOL Teacher
Neuman, Susan Math Teacher
O'Neill, Matthew Math Special Education Teacher
Pierce, Joyce Math Special Education Teacher
Price, Brian Math Teacher
Samford, Wright Math Teacher
Shaffer, Amy Sped IRR
Smith, Luke Math Teacher
Stewart, Kelly Math JA Teacher
Sy, Hallie Math Teacher
Thurmond, Daniel Math Teacher