Parents and Students,

I have some exciting new that I wanted to share with you about Norcross High School graduates. Early in October I received an email from the National Student Clearinghouse (NSC), a research organization based outside of Washington DC. The NSC has been focused on the trends in students between their high school graduation and their educational pursuits over the six years after high school. They informed me that Norcross High School alumni graduate from college at a rate that is over 20% higher than the average for comparable schools and they wanted to know more about what was happening at our school that led to our success.

The NSC invited me to be a participant in a panel discussion at the Capitol in Washington DC to share about Norcross High School and our successes. Attendees included congressional staffers, researchers and individuals who work on educational policy. I proudly shared that we have excellent students who work hard, outstanding teachers who focus on helping students grow and achieve every day in class, and an engaged, supportive community. This combination of factors has led to students who not only learn the knowledge and skills to be successful after high school, but also the persistence and perseverance required to be lifelong learners.

While this news is encouraging, we still have important work to be done. Our goal is for every Norcross High School graduate to have endless choices for their future. A quality education is a key ingredient in this pursuit.
Thank you for continued support of the students, staff and others in the Norcross High School community.

Will Bishop