REMINDER TO VOTE:  School Council Elections will be held August 20- August 24, 2018. The ballot box will be located in the Main Entrance of the school during Curriculum Night and the Front Office during the hours of 8:00 am - 3:00 pm.

We are currently in the process of recruiting parents for the NHS School Council.
The members of the school council are accountable to the constituents they serve and shall:
   1. Maintain a school-wide perspective on issues;
   2. Regularly participate in school council meetings;
   3. Participate in information and training programs;
   4. Act as a link between the school council and the      community;
   5. Encourage the participation of parents and others within the school community;
   6. Work to improve student achievement and performance.
There are TWO Posts currently open.
   Parent Post 1: Expires May 2020
   Parent Post 2: Expires May 2020

If you are interested in serving on School Council, please submit your name to Sophia Mahfood ([email protected]) by email or submit your name in writing by Friday, August 17th by the end of the school day