The Norcross High School Science Department offers students an opportunity to study the three basic branches of science: biology, chemistry and physics. In addition to a basic introduction in these areas, students can further their knowledge at the AP and IB level, and through science electives like Anatomy & Physiology, and Oceanography. The coursework students receive through the Science Department helps them to gain the skills and knowledge that serve as a foundation for further study.


Name Title E-mail
Bannon, Kari Science ESOL Teacher
Blount, Rashida Science Teacher
Crymes, Jonathan Science Teacher
Daniels, Jamie Science ESOL Teacher
DeMeritt, Erica Science ESOL Teacher
Dowd, Julie Science Teacher
Ellis, Melissa Science Teacher
Farr, Dale Special Education MIID Teacher
Granville, Anne Science Teacher
Jatko, Billie Science Teacher
Jefferson, Jimmy Science Special Education Teacher
Jones, Jevon Science Special Education Teacher
Jones, Terrell Science Teacher
Katz, Robert Science Teacher
Khalid, Ali Science Teacher
Korth, Kim Science Teacher
Krejci, Chrissy Science Department Chair
Kyne, Stacey Science Special Education Teacher
Luong, Diane Science JA Teacher
McClain, Patty Science Teacher
McClure, Brandon Science Special Education Teacher
McHardy, Alix Science Teacher
McIntyre, Nicole Science JA Teacher
McMichael, Brian Science Special Education Teacher
Ogburn, Brent Science JA Teacher
Oliver, Collin Science Special Education Teacher
Osburn, Ernest Science Teacher
Pepitone, Joe Science Teacher
Simmons, Julianna Science Teacher
Singleton, Cheri Science Teacher
Skelly, Christina Science Teacher
Stewart-Smith, Kathryn Science JA Teacher
Thompson, Ariel Science Teacher
Turner, Emily Science Teacher
Vaughn, Nia Science ESOL Teacher
Yadav, Anubha Science Teacher
Zahornacky, Erica Science JA Teacher